What is Skale?

Skale operates at the intersection of food, technology and community. Using a mobile app, it connects people to share and discover how food measures up.


How does it do it?

Skale provides a personalized platform for its members to document the best in food. It also invites food makers to share their products and stories, and cultivate a rich dialogue with the community to better understand food choices.


Why did we start it?

We believe food is the single biggest influence on how one feels. We want to know what is in the food we eat, and provide a place to ask thoughtful questions and discover meaningful answers. What are “natural flavors” and what are their impact on the body? What is the best kimchi out there and what makes it so great? (Both questions based on true stories from our research.) We want to improve transparency in the food marketplace.

In addition, we love to try new products and flavors, but elaborate cooking doesn't happen as often as we'd like. With young children and some dietary restrictions, we are seeking dishes that are healthy, tasty and simple. Our repertoire needs to be something from which we can easily draw and constantly build upon.

Inspiration is everywhere, whether it is sourcing locally or seasonally, preserving family recipes, following food innovators, or recreating what we experienced in a great restaurant. We want to remember what we made that we loved, and have it tie to specific, named products, not generic ingredients. Because the best ingredients make the best food.


Who does it?

Skale aims to attract the broadest community it can. Diversity of interest, experience, and culture support finding the best in food. In addition, Skale specifically seeks to build the leading community of chefs, nutritionists, dietitians, physicians, farmers, bloggers and everyone with a passion for food’s power. Food deserves its own platform and we want Skale to be it for you. There are no prerequisites, just a genuine interest in discovering the best food out there.

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Cabot Earle

Food has long been Cabot’s passion, particularly in understanding its effects on body and mind. Professionally, Cabot is inspired by the evolution in organizations— leveraging crowds and distributed information systems— to put the most reliable data in the hands of decision-makers. Having previously led a network of testing laboratories, including those focused on food safety, Cabot appreciates the critical role of measurement, and is fascinated by how its capture evolves with technology and applies to food.

Cabot earned a BA from Davidson College, a law degree from the Roger Williams University School of Law, and an Executive MBA from Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management.



Christina Earle

Christina began her career in communications and event planning for luxury goods in New York. She holds several patents from her role as product designer for a consumer banking platform. Christina is focused on ensuring that the design principles of Skale reflect the philosophy of discovering the best food and provide a personalized experience. A mother of three little opinionated eaters and currently exploring the flexitarian diet with her co-founder husband, she spends more time than ever thinking about food.

Christina earned her BA summa cum laude Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Rhode Island and a Master of Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

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